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Who knew this mom and son duo would some day become business partners together! Although Marilyn and Hamilton Paret are not surprised they are working together, they just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. It all started when Marilyn Paret used Memorial Yard Signs of Houston to celebrate Family Birthdays! Everyone loved the Oversized Texas surprise Greeting that became a Paret Family tradition even for extended visiting Family and Friends. 


As a believer and lover of the yard greeting service, Marilyn inquired frequently about the opportunity to join Debbie Kay’s Yard Greeting Team. In 2018, When The Woodlands opportunity came available, there was no hesitation but only who would be her side kick? She immediately thought about her son, Hamilton Paret, a graduate of SHSU with a BBA in Entrepreneurial and Marketing. After Hamilton heard about the business opportunity, it didn’t take too much convincing for him to decide to partner in The Woodlands Affiliate slot. His famous words were “Let’s Do This!” 


A quote by John Wesley that served as a daily reminder on how to live our lives for Christ which was handed down to us by my mother says "Do All The Good You Can, By All The Means You Can, In All The Ways You Can, In All The Places You Can, At All The Times You Can, To All The People You Can, As Long As You Can." seemed to go hand in hand with the Yard Greeting business philosophy. And knowing that Hamilton and I both have Hearts of Service, it only seemed fitting to merge the two concepts in a business format.


One of our favorite things is meeting our clients and being a part of their family celebrations. It is the best feeling to watch their faces light up filled with emotion and excitement. Being apart of any family's special occasion is an honor so The Woodlands Yard Greetings will always go the extra mile! We also love working with schools, churches, charities, and organizations as it is our way to give back to our community! 


We hope you will give us an opportunity to set up an Oversized Yard Card Sign that says to your Family and Friends, your love for them is "Big As their Texas Yard!"

“Nashville Yard Greetings has become a tradition and expected celebration at my home! “ 

Theresa Long

“I was so surprised!!! It made me feel so special!!! I loved the experienced!”

Elizabeth Mule

"What a fun way to celebrate any occasion!! It was a huge hit! I will definitely use Nashville Yard Greetings again. "

Dianna Frank

From Us

There is always an occasion to make someone’s day or a milestone to commemorate! Nashville Yard Greetings offers a fun, unique and personalized way to celebrate any event in your family & friends’ lives. Our goal is to make people smile and turn any celebration into a Nashville Yard Experience!